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Words cannot adequately describe Mika Tan's beauty, determination and raw sexual energy. We honestly think she would let Chanta do anything to her and still smile afterwards! Hard (and we mean really hard) bondage, a nasty ass hook, large ball gags, electro-shock play, flogging, face slapping, forced orgasm after forced orgasm and a deep strap on fuck would be enough to make this an awesome scene...but there is more, yes, so much more.

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Trapped in a custom prison only 6 inches wide, Krissy Lynn feels the squeeze, unable to even turn her head. Her breast are pressed but her phat ass sticks out beautifully for whipping and hitting. Krissy is made to cum, made to suffer, tickled, and made to cum some more. Her emotions run the gambit and she is overwhelmed at one point. She collects herself and we move on, to more pain, more cumming.

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Louisiana disciplinary therapy

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Though, this blonde with fancy hairstyle is so beautiful by herself. Jaclyn stripped Miranda's clothing off, bent her over her desk so she could call her boyfriend. Jaclyn was arrested for prostitution and brought down to the police station by Miranda. Jaclyn composure at all cost. Jaclyn returns to Miranda for another shoot and receives a painful welcome back to the Helen set!

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Her head by tying them to her rope bra. She grabs the wand and begs for more opportunity to please the demanding Erika, like eating her pussy and she is bent over in a strappado position. Meanwhile at the other end, the spreader bar holds her arms behind her back so her elbows are tied together over her head by tying them to her rope bra.

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Nyssa Nevers - girlfriends in bondage

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Every lash leaves a trail that is a clear symbol of the suffering. The pain, the memories, all of it will come rushing back to her when she sees the marks. It all comes back, along with the intense feeling of lust and desire.

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No studio was going to cover all of the ideas the members had so we took her up to the farm. She knows better than to ask for relief, but the membership decides she could use a bit of cold water anyway. They give her so much that she needs to push up against the bars to get a decent breath of air. It is a tough start to what promises to be a very long day.

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From their body, as they desperately try to avoid the powerful vibrator that is over stimulating their already overly sensitive clit. She saw decided to come and submit for a day of electrical play! Ashley went along with this quite well. We watch her do some of the finer points of presenting her ass for a double anal fucking on the Ashley followed by a short reprieve in order to correct her sassy attitude Ellie amps up the man-handling, humiliation and electrical play[...]

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